More than six million installed floor drains speak for themselves! Vieser drains are safe and quick to install.

When a professional chooses the same drain solution time and time again, there is a good reason for it. We have always listened carefully to our customers; easy installation and functional reliability form the foundation of our product design.

<Reasons to choose Vieser Nordic floor drains:

  • The installation steps are simple.
  • The parts needed for installation are few, and they are easy to use.
  • Installing the drain is quick and safe. The support legs provide additional security.
  • The instructions are clear. The installation of the drain is always the same, regardless of the model.
  • All Vieser floor drain products are compatible with the Vieser One drains.

One drain—limitless possibilities

The Vieser concept in itself incorporates the idea that a floor drain should be so simple to install that it is almost impossible to install it wrong. The unique support legs keep the drain firmly in place when concrete casting a floor, saving up to 15 minutes per drain. Good installation instructions, accompanied by illustrative installation animations, facilitate installation.

In recent years, Vieser has added stunning design covers and line floor drains that blend into the interior to its range of basic grating. Under the floor, you will always find the familiar and functionally reliable Vieser drain, as all covers are compatible with Vieser One drains.

“The installers didn’t have any problems. Vieser gave us good help with the technical solutions, appearance and design.”
Riku Hakala, resident

The Hakala family renovated their apartment in an old 19th-century brewery building. They used versatile Vieser solutions in the bathrooms. The floor tiles in the picture come from a legendary nightclub in Turku, Finland, and the Vieser line floor drain blends in perfectly with them. Of course, the familiar flow-efficient Vieser drain is under the floor.

Sustainable Finnish quality combined with our unyielding product development has made Vieser what it is today—a reliable choice.

The video animation below illustrates the installation of the Vieser Line floor drain. Installation is easy and there are few additional parts. All Vieser products come with clear installation instructions.

You can find more maintenance and installation videos on our Youtube channel. Our pages for professionals contain comprehensive design and installation instructions for all our products.